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Mangalayatan Tirthdhaam

Today Mangalatayan is world famous devotional place which is at the border of the cityAligarhand ditrict Hathras.

At first phase there is a 35 feet high artificial stone peak which has a lotus Singhasan and a covering over it. Below that there is a 20 feet high Lord Adinaaths white marbel statue that attracts each and everyone.

Tirthdhaam Mangalayatan was constructed by Shri Adinaath KundKund trust on 17 July 2000.All the four Jain Temples were inaougrated by Human Resource Development Minister Murli Manohar Joshi and Ex. Chief Minister Rajnaath Singh.LalKrishan Advani participated in te Prathishthavidhi oh Shri Mahaveer Swami Digmber JainBibmb Panchkalyaanak Pratishtha Mahotsav held on 6 February.

LordMahaveerDharmarthHospitalhas been constructed for the followers of Lord Mahaveer who are staying here in the Mangalatayan campus. This hospital was inaugurated by Ex. Chief Minister Mulaayam Singh Yadav.

Here in the Lord Mahaveer temple, in the name of Vidhinayak 1008, besides Lord Mahaveer Swami, 1008 Lord Shantinath, Parashwnath and Seemundhar Swami’s statues are also established.

In Mangalatayan, ther is a 63 feet high , strong marble made gloripus Maan Stambh which is the first Mann Stambh of the state Uttar Pradesh.Great Singh Dwaar’s height is 21 feet and this constructed with 16 pillars and at the base 34 feet wide pink stone.Besides this door, there are two divine statues which resembles like welcoming the devotees who come to visit Mangalayatan Teerthdhaam.

In the Mangalayatan campus at the left of Lord Moolnayak Shri Adinaath temple, there is an approximately 4500 square feet Lord Mahaveer Swami’s Jain Mandir. In Jain Mandir, Lord Mahaveer’s 33 inch white statue is insetting position with Lord Parshwnaath and Lord Shantinaath’s 30 inch nice stone statues are established.

The money which Mangalatayan’s Adinaath Kund-Kund Kahaan Digmber Jain Trust get as donation is free from Tax Act 80G from Indian Government. With every receipt of donation, tax relexation certificate is issued.

Uttar Pradesh Governmet has announced this devotional place as Viniyamit place.


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