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Malaviya Pustakalaya

Malviya Pustakalaya, which is at GT Road, near Agarsen Chowk, has been a viewer of assemblies of some of the great people of India who have contributed to the freedom fight of India like Fathe of Nation, Mahatm Gandhi, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Iron man Sardaar Patel, Bitthal Bhai and many more.

Malviya Pustakalaya is a two story building. In the first building of the Pustakalaya, meetings are organized and in the second building , many students are studying. There are more than 65 thousands of books are currently available in the Malviya Pustakalaya.

Babu Totaram, RamLaxhmi Narayan Dubey, Musi Naval, kishor Bhargav(Sasni Wale), Raja Bahadur Ghanshyam Singh, Rja Bahadur JaiKishan Das Pathak were actively involved in the construction of Malviya Pustakalaya and they got succeeded also. By profession, Babu Totaram was a layer  and  a reporter as well.

In 1889, financial help wa taken from Briish Governer Loyal for the construction work of Malviya Pustakalaya. Babu Totaram wanted to educate people and he wished to spread education throygh Malviya Pustakalya.

Because of Britsh Rule over India, in 1889it was named as Loyal Lbrary on the nme of the British  Governer  Loyal. But after getting independence, the name changed from Loyal Library to Madan Mohan Malviya Pustskalya on the name of the son of India Madan Mohan Malviya.

Many  Indian leaders have supported this institution financially and that’s why so many important books are still available here. At the time of Indian National Movement, tis became a center for important political meeings.

Bhartiya Barshiya National Association is taking care of Mada Mohan Malviya Pustakalaya. Mr. MV Mathur is the director of Malviya Pustakalaya. It is being taken care by Mr. MV Mathur and his staff.

National leaders an Kraantikaris are remembered by the studentsand staff of Malviya Pustakalaya at their birthdays.Madan Mohan Malviya’s staue is fixed on the ground of Malviya Pustakalaya.

Malviya Pustakalaya  open from 8 am to 8 pm.this library is closed once a week, only on Sundays.


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