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Jama Masjid

According to the word Upar Court, the highest Situted mosque in Aligarh is Jama Masjid, which is a well known Mosque in Aligarh  and have great influence of Turk nakkashi.

The big gumbads looks like they are touching the sky. The gumbad’s are very much clearly seen from the inside and outside of the mosque.The art piece on the walls and doors of the mosque are still there.

According to the stone which is there in the middle area of the mosque, the construction work started in the year 1714 and that continued till 1728 for continuousc for 14 years.

One of the workers who was in the construction work was the grandson of  Abu Isa Aafandi of Iraan, who was one of the workers in the construction team for the Taj Mahal.

The mosque was built by Subedaar Saabit Khan Bahadur Jungle Bin Mohammed Beg. There are three doors in different different  directions of the mosque.Turkish  art work is still there on these doors.

It is said  that the Gumbads and Burjs of Minar are made up of kilos of pure gold. Mosque area is so much broad that more than 300 people can offer prayers to God alltogrther. For offering namaaz, there are 6 areas inside and 24 outside in the mosque campus. The Namaazees who came to offer prayers to God, have the same feeling for their country also It is also said, that other than Jama Masjid,Subedaar Saabit Khan has also made Moti Masjid at Phool Chauraha. His palace is still there at upper court in front of the Post Office.

The grave of Subedaar Saabit Khan and his cson’s are also there in the mosque  situated at Anaaz Mandi, Barah Dwari.

It is to be noticed that there are only minor changes in the Jama Masjid from the day it is constructed, the same colour is used still that was used in the art work earlier.


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