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Aligarh History

The Aligarh city is famous as Tala Nagri since Lock manufacturing is one of the major attraction for the city since a very long time. There are so many important things about Algarh about which many of us are not still aware, like: The famous ruler of Aligarh “Kaushriv” has been introduced in the holy book Ramayana by mahirshi Valmiki.

Aligarh is very much inluenced by the Muslim traditions. Aligarh is famous worldwide due to the city is having one of the famous universities in India, The Aligarh Muslim University(AMU). AMU is not only famous in India but it do have a good image for its education system all over the world. Students from various countries came here to get good education.

Aligarh has faced tourtures from the period of Ibrahim Lodhi to the Britishers but the city faced all that and overcome from the bad situations whatever occurred.

"A writer has written that the name has been changed  from the Sayyed’s period and known as Aligarh.

History is the silent viewer that to occupy the Western State, it was necessary to occupy the city Aligarh. Keeping that in mind, in 1803, Britishers attacked on Aligarh and ruled on it. On 14 May 1772, the British Viasrai of that period, Waren Hesting holded the post of Collector and  started the system of District Administration. In the starting, the cllector only looked for the land  disputes and  collecting  tax only, but after some time, collectors got other different roles to play and they were also called District  Megistrate as well. In Aligarh the last collector from British period was D.Wali

In the cultural field, Padam Sri award winner,  Gopal Das Neeraj has increased the fame of Aligarh.

Many famous personalities were born here like Jainendra Kumar, Akshay Kumar Jain, Prof. Sharharyaar, Ravindra Bhramar, Dr. Amba Prasad and Gokul Chandra Sharma and  many more has increased the fame of the city in the cultural domain. The world famous hstorian Prof. Irfaam Habib also born here. He was the Chairman of Akhil Bhartiya Itihaas Anusandhanc Kendra for 10 years. Late. Mohd. Habib denoted the importance o the city to the nation.

In the Indian  film industry, Bharat Bhushan Shiv Kumar, Chandrachur Singh etc are well known for their contribution towards art.

About City

Location : In the Westem (Central) Uttar Pradesh, India

Also Called As
: Kol or Koil

Code : +91

STD Code
: 0571

Pin Code
: 202001 / 202002

Language Spoken
: Hindi, Urdu, English

Vehicle Code
: UP-81

Time zone
: IST (UTC+5:30) Area

Best time to visit
: October to March

Nearest Airport
: Delhi Airport| Agra Airport

Nearest Railway Station
: Aligarh Junction


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